Other Names: Pez Gallo, Papagallo
Physical Description:

Grayback, silver body with two pronounced diagonal stripes. Pectoral fin long and sickle-shaped, dorsal fin very elongated and supposedly has a likeness to a rooster’s comb, hence the common name. The tail fin is deeply forked as is typical of all members of the jack family.


Papagayo Fishing – Charters and Beaches

Large Rooster Fish
Papagayo Fishing
fishing rooster

The Pacific Ocean, Sea of Cortez

Feeding Habits:
Live bait, with mullet and sardines as their favorite. Rarely taken on lures, but when feeding will hit surface jigs.

Sporting Qualities:
An angler will see the roosterfish come upon and boil on the trolled bait. They will typically circle and whack at the offering before actually crashing on it. A furious fighter with unequaled stamina, unpredictable slashing moves, jumps, and long screaming runs.

Surf and Rocky areas offshore. It can also be found near islands and reefs.