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Papagayo Costa Rica Fishing

We are the Fishing Experts in Guanacaste, in the gulf of Papagayo, it is the northern corner of Costa Rica. We born and grow knowing this place and fish from young boys; so, nobody know this place better than we do.

What to Fish Here?

The Gulf of Papagayo is well known for its rich concentration of big sized roosterfish, yes, other than marlin roosterfish, sail which are the most target best and appreciated by all sports-fishermen who love coming to this region in search of a fishing adventure. This fish is caught around the year. However, it is more abundant in the months between May and October.


Fishing in Playa Panama, Playa Hermosa, Playa del Coco, Ocotal & More

These waters are well known to be highly productive for billfish: sail, Blue, Black and Striped marlin, big dorado and seasonal wahoo and yellowfin tuna when fishing offshore.

Coastal fishermen find huge cock fish, amberjacks and several species of great snappers just minutes from the marina. Other potential lies in estuaries and small mouths of nearby rivers and a variety of species to choose from, there is always something that excites both the trophy hunter and the whole family. Fishing in the Gulf is challenging, and finding a variety of species that walk by the tail and lures squeak, fishing every day is an adventure.

Let yourself be carried away by an exciting trip of fishing and adventures in search of the biggest fish to capture, and keep good and pleasant memories of the Gulf of Papagayo in Guanacaste!

About 17 miles from the coast, to find one or two marlin from 500 to 700 pounds, between sailfish, yellowfin and mahi mahi, the action is just beginning!

Without having to take a long car ride, as soon as you reach 200 feet, about 12 miles from the coast, we can start catching fish from bottom fish, since the sea fish, even in the shallow waters, They make their incursion into the Gulf of Papagayo in search of bait like small bait Mahi and abundant pretty in the Gulf of Papagayo. Fishing, special bait for catching any type of fish.



The province of Guanacaste and the Gulf of Papagayo form a large part of Costa Rica, which has become a very popular place to visit and that is thanks to the many parks in the region. Nevertheless, it is the fishing activities in the Gulf of Papagayo that distinguish it. Many sport fishing activities in Guanacaste are worth a visit. You might be surprised at the different types of fish that you can find in this region. In these waters of the Pacific, you will find all kinds of incredible fish during your sport fishing adventure in Guanacaste. You can find fish like mahi-mahi, red snapper, wahoo, marlin, yellowfin tuna, and sailfish, to name a few. These are fish populate in the waters around Playas del Coco and which are known for their attractive visual features that differentiate them. These include the sailboat’s huge fins, the sharp needle front and the bright red color of the red snapper. These fish are the most common in Guanacaste, but they are generally easier to find at specific times of the year. In particular, they are often easier to find in summer and early fall, when they are more likely to be in areas with high water levels. Red snapper and cubera snapper are also present in the region. These are easy to find throughout the year. The size of these fish is particularly conducive to fishing in this part of the world. You can find fish two feet or more. These include fish that are so big that you would need to call another person to help you load it if you find it on your Papagayo fishing card. The best part of fishing in the area is that the waters are well protected and fishing will be easier. This is due to the lack of commercial operations outside the water. This lack of commercial activity allows people in public to move around easily and have fun to find fish anywhere in the area.

We are the best water activities providers of all the area offering you a complete sport fishing adventure with excellent and professional equipment for your comfort. We have boats with roof, central control console, music, confortable seats, GPS locator, Deep Fish Finder, Down Regal, Out Regal for the greatest fishing experience.

Enjoy the Romantic Sunset Tour, an incredible Snorkeling Tour, a full of adrenaline Jetski Tour, ATV Safari Adventure, an extreme adventure Surfing Tour to the World Famous Witch Rock or Ollie’s Point, a full biodiversity Diving Tour, an exciting Horseback Ridding and a Tour to meet Coco Beach Town.

We are located in the Papagayo Gulf. We also offer private land tours and private bilingual guide around Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Fishing in the Gulf of Papagayo

Fishing in the Gulf of Papagayo has been excellent for inshore and offshore fisheries, as many types of migratory and non-migratory species move into this area, making fishing in Papagayo very productive all year round.

Species that include marlin, sail, dolphin, rooster and season, yellowfin tuna, wahoo and other non-migratory species make this place amazing for both inshore and offshore fishing. And if your enjoyment is bottom fishing, there is no better place: the grouper, the big snapper, the AmberJack, the Read Snapper (red snapper, red snapper) make fishing in Guanacaste unforgettable

The famous Bat Islands on the north side of the Gulf of Papagayo have been excellent for Rooster, the great Cuberas, Wahoo and, of course, the giant Marlin and hundreds of candles.

These waters are considered among the best in the world for blue marlin. Seen throughout the year, most catches are made in December, January, February, March and April. The rare striped marlin is also occasionally caught in our waters.

The fertile fishing areas of the Gulf of Papagayo allow a variety of sport fish to act all year round. Although they are best known for their sailing from April to September, these same waters produce large catches of marl almost every month of the year.




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