Costa Rica Fishing

Costa Rica fishing draws all kinds of anglers to the region. Costa Rica fishing is perfect for family vacationers, fishing enthusiasts, and avid anglers who want to experience what they have heard is the best sport fishing in the world. But Costa Rica fishing also attracts another type of angler, the seasoned pro or professional sport fisherman who is driven by a passion to experience the adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding action that comes with catching record big game sportfish that frequent these Costa Rica fishing grounds.


Costa Rica Charter Fishin


The waters of Costa Rica are teeming with marine life. Even with Costa Rica charter fishing, these waters have never been overfished like many of the fishing hot spots inside the United States. That is one of the many reasons Costa Rica fishing charters make so many great catches nearly year-round




Guanacaste Costa Rica Fishing is really great year-round but peaks between the months of December to May. From the north end of Costa Rica near Tamarindo to the south end near the Osa Peninsula you will find fishing charters that target a wide variety of big game marine creatures.



For your Costa Rica charter fishing trip you can expect to go after and catch a long list of different and interesting species. From catching “the man in the blue suit”, which is slang for a blue marlin that you may catch offshore to fishing inshore where you may catch a giant snapper or grouper.




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A small list of the most popular species the Costa Rica fishing charters will target include::

  • Blue Marlin:: “The Man in the Blue Suit”
  • Striped Marlin:: Much rarer but certainly a possibility.
  • Sailfish:: Some over 100 pounds. A trophy to be proud of for sure.
  • Wahoo:: A beautiful long slender fish.
  • Yellowfin Tuna:: Like trying to catch a live torpedo.
  • Grouper:: A big lunker that swims around the bottom or on a wreck.
  • Roosterfish:: Fishing in Costa Rica for roosterfish is a favorite among visiting anglers!
  • Cubera Snapper:: Giant version of a red snapper
  • Red Snapper:: Fun to catch, better to eat.

These fish and many others are available and could be a likely catch on your next Costa Rica charter fishing excursion. Some are more available than others depending on the exact time of year but no matter when you visit Costa Rica your chances of catching an exciting big game sportfish that you can tell all your buddies back home about are very high.

Can you imagine yourself on these boats getting your picture taken with remarkable big game fish like the ones pictured here? If you can imagine it then you can do it. Fishing in Costa Rica means all your sportfishing dreams can become a reality. When you are sitting in the fighting chair with a 200 pound plus size marlin trying to fight for his freedom reality will quickly set in when your reel screams as the lines are stripped off by a giant fish doing anything and everything he can to shake loose the hook.

This is when you use your strength, smarts, and patience to sit back in that fighting chair and battle this beautiful creature to the boat. You listen to your Costa Rica fishing Captain and crew and before you know it you will be back at the dock celebrating one of the greatest fishing adventures of your life. If that sounds like an adventure you would like to experience then book your trip and come on down to Costa Rica. We are here to make your fishing vacation a fun, exciting, and successful Costa Rica fishing trip filled with great memories to carry home.